Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy can be described as thinking about thinking. Plato, in the Apology, has Socrates say "an unexamined life is not worthy of a human being." The philosopher must examine both on which beliefs we act and how we come to form our belief. The basic divisions in philosophy all come from examining our basic assumption in different areas of human thought. Crucial to examining our basic assumption is the study of logic: the study of the structure of arguments and learning to recognize which are truth-preserving and which are fallacious.

For those looking for a program of study in philosophy, we have a track in the Liberal Arts Major designed to further such aspirations.

Requirements for the Philosophy Track.

Full-time faculty members

Daniel Van Kley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: 217 University Hall

David Wisdo, Ph.D.
Office: 207 University Hall
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Dr. Markus Weidler, Ph.D.
Temporary Lecturer of Philosophy
Office: University Hall 203

Part-time faculty members

Ed Helton