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Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a student organization for those who are interested in thinking about ideas. Meetings of the Philosophy Club are open to all interested students. No knowledge of philosophy is required.

Past topics for the club include:

  • "Global warming: Should we care?"
  • "Does Darwin need God?"
  • "Is Religion Dangerous?"
  • "Is terrorism ever justified?"
  • "Am I the Same Person: The Problem of Personal Identity"
  • "Can we know that the sun will rise tomorrow?"
  • "Does Science Dictate Morality?"
  • "What is the Purpose of Higher Education?"
  • "Are the Wealthy Morally Obligated to Help the Poor?"
  • "Does anyone deserve anything?"
  • "Should entitlement or Equality Define Justice?"

Plato and Socrates thought that the way to discover the true nature of things was to engage in a careful discussion where the participants would present and analyze arguments. Like Socrates, we strive to be prepared to go wherever the arguments may lead us in our search for truth. The Philosophy Club seeks to be a forum where students can practice doing philosophy.

Faculty advisor
Dr. Van Kley
304 Faculty Office Building

Next Philosophy Club Meeting:
Thursday March 2
12:30 in Howard Hall rm 106:
"Does America have a Plan for all Races?"