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Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Minor Saenredam after Cornelis Cornelisz, The Cave of Plato

The study of philosophy pairs well with every other discipline as philosophy overlaps with every discipline. View the American Philosophical Association's Brief Guide for Undergraduates, as well as their statement on The R o le of Philos ophy Programs in Higher Education.

Degree requirements:

15 semester hours of philosophy courses.
Required courses:

PHIL 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2500 Formal Logic

Nine semester hours of upper division philosophy courses (3 courses).

However, if either PHIL 2010 or PHIL 2500 is used to fulfill a core requirement in Areas A through E, the courses may be replaced by any other upper or lower division philosophy course.

Philosophy Minor Worksheet.

Pieter Jansz Saenredam (1597 - 1695) after Cornelis Corneilisz, .

In Plato's allegory of the cave, most people are looking at shadows of copies of real things. The philosopher must break free and proceed up the difficult descent to leave the cave and make it into the real world of ideas. All philosophy students feel the bewilderment of the philosopher climbing out of the cave and acclimating to the bright light outside. It is a sometimes painful process, but, nonetheless, an intrinsically rewarding one.